Use Feng Shui To Improve Career Prospects

For those who wish to consider using Feng Shui to improve their career and promotion prospects should look into the following:

  1. Check The Office

  • Check the main entrance to the office. Is it in your best (Sheng Qi) direction? If so it is excellent. If not, is it in any of your other good directions? If it is, good. If it is not and you can do something about it, change the direction to favour you. If you cannot, is there another door you can use to get in and out of the office which is facing one of your good directions?
    Check the entrance to your own office/room. Follow the same routine as above. Ideally you should enter your own office from your Sheng Qi direction.

  • Check the LOCATION of your room vis-à-vis the whole office. Is it in the most auspicious of your four locations? If so excellent, if not can you do something about it?

  • Check the LOCATION of your desk/table within your room. Is the table placed in such a way that you do not have your back to the door? Are you sitting facing your best DIRECTION? If so it is excellent. If not, do move your table around such that you are facing at least one of your best directions. Do remember that you should not have your back to the door, or to the window. There should be a solid wall behind you to provide “support”.

  • Check that you are not sitting under an overhanging beam. Move your chair/table out of the way if you are underneath it. Exposed beams cause headaches and a disturbed mind which clouds your judgement.

  • Check that there are no protruding columns from corners which are pointed at you. If there are, use plants to camouflage and deflect the bad qi coming from the corner.

  • Finally use some Feng Shui activators like crystal ball or installing a small fish tank.

  1. Check The Home

  • Check the main entrance door to your home. Make sure it is in your Sheng Qi direction. If it is not make sure it is at least in one of your four auspicious directions. The main door of your home is especially important since this has an important impact on your career.

  • Check your study and the working desk in your study. If you do not have such a room then checks the direction of the desk within the house which you do use. It is also important to determine the LOCATION of your desk, and to ensure that it is one of your four best locations.

  • Check your kitchen and toilet locations. Make sure they are located in one of your four BAD locations. Any toilet located in one of your best directions should ideally not be used since it “flushes” away your opportunities. For this reason toilets are usually to be located in an inauspicious position.

  • Check your bedroom location and your sleeping direction. To create career luck you MUST sleep with your head pointed towards your Sheng Qi direction.

According to the Chinese, good Feng Shui works by enhancing good luck and deflecting bad luck. Bad Feng Shui on the other hand attracts bad luck, and if you happen to be going through a “bad period”, there is no solace, or escape from difficulties and problems encountered.

Career path upward mobility often depends on one’s interpersonal interactions with the boss, and with your colleagues. Good Feng Shui ensures that there is harmony between you and the people you interact with. Difficult situations then tend to sort themselves out.

Generally speaking the Feng Shui of one’s house is more important than the Feng Shui of one’s office. If the sleeping position is correct and the main door of the home is correctly aligned, one’s Feng Shui is generally deemed to be good.


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