How to Improve "Wealth Luck"?

In reality, "Wealth Luck" in Feng Shui does not refer to "money falling from the sky" or sudden windfall gains. The actual "luck" a "wealth corner" brings when activated actually refers to beneficial energies that help sharpen the mind, allowing residents to recognize opportunities and helping them perform better in their endevors.

In Feng Shui terminology, the more appropriate term for "Wealth Sector" is the Prosperous Location. When we say "prosperous" location, we are referring to a location within home where the Chi (energy) is strongest and most beneficial. This is because Feng Shui is about harnessing beneficial positive Chi and evading negative Chi in any living environment.

To ascertain the "Prosperous" location, Feng Shui practitioners use certain methods of calculation depending on which school of Feng Shui they advocate. In the Flying Stars (Xuan Kong) Feng Shui, the "Wealth Sector" is determined by the location of the most prosperous star of the period.

For example, in Period 8 (2004 - 2023), the most prosperous star (meaning the most prosperous area of Chi) is governed by star #8. The next best Chi, that is the "Secondary Wealth Sector", is governed by star #9 as this is the prosperous star for the upcoming Period 9 (2024 - 2043).

Chi, like time, is dynamic and cyclical. Every year, the "Prosperous" chi shifts from one direction to another. There is a yearly "Prosperous" sector and "Secondary Wealth Sector".

Your prosperous location is the main 'wealth' sector of the year. While the second best location, as the name implies, is your secondary wealth location of the year.

Year Prosperous Chi Location Secondary  Wealth Sector
2009 Southeast Center
2010 Center Northwest
2011 Northwest West
2012 West Northeast
2013 Northeast South

Just use the "Wealth Luck" sectors of the year more often such as make it your activity room or TV room. By using the room more, it will be more beneficial to the occupants of the house as they are affected by the "Prosperous" chi.

Should it be inconvenient or impossible to use the Prosperous Chi sector, the next best alternative would be to allocate moving objects in that sector for the year. The more activity you place in the "Wealth Sector", the more you can 'activate' its beneficial energies. Bright lights in this room, for example, will suffice to mildly stimulate the energies in the sector.

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