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Feng Shui cannot create a LOVE relationship but it can create opportunities. There are types of 'Chi' that help you build relationships, make you a more pleasant person to be with, make you cheerful and happy - attributes that make you attractive and likable to others!


How to Improve One's Relationships Through Feng Shui?

There are two types of chi (energy) that help foster relationship - the star #4 and #9. In 2009, the star #4 resides in the South sector.

Year Star #4 Star #9
2009 South Center
2010 North Northwest
2011 Southwest West
2012 East Northeast
2013 Southeast South

So, to improve relationships in 2009. try using the South sector. The annual chi (energy) that could improve relationship matters has shifted to this sector and if you are looking for the 'quick fixes' then the South is your 'quickest' possible solution.

If you cannot physically be in the South sector, try a small water feature to strengthen this effect. A clear glass vase filled with water and some plants that grow on water would be good enough.

The idea of using water is to allow beneficial chi (energy) to collect and benefit you.

For a more stable and long lasting solution, you need to evaluate your home and identify areas of which the Chi can help promote and foster better ties and relationship with others in the long run. This evaluation will take into consideration your entire house's internal as well as external conditions.


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