Remedy for Annual Flying Stars Influences

To remedy the annual flying star influences, you must first determine the likelihood of the annual flying star having a positive or negative result. Then prioritize its important based on how frequently that area of the house, apartment or business is used. Below are some general guidelines for the flying stars, without regard for what direction they are in.


# 1 – Since # 1 star representing water is usually good, you do not necessarily have to do any remedy.


# 2 – The annual # 2 star is predictably negative and as an earth element it should almost always be reduced with metal. Actual, weighty metal items added to the room can be very effective cure.


# 3 – The annual # 3 representing wood is not good for most people unless they are in the legal or law enforcement professions. Otherwise it should be reduced with fire. Remember, this means a large display of red colour. A burgundy bedspread in a bedroom needing fire would be appropriate.

# 4 – The annual # 4 is also wood can be enhanced with water or reduced with fire (and sometimes weakened with earth to prevent infidelity). Unless you are in the entertainment industry (artist, musician, writer, actor), you would not necessarily enhance the annual # 4 with water. If you are single and looking for romance, you could also stimulate this # 4 star with water, like a fountain in the room. If you are in an existing relationship, the # 4 star could attract outside flirtations and should probably not be enhanced. In other words, it will not make an existing relationship stronger or more committed.

# 5 – The 5 representing earth annual energy will be negative almost 100 percent of the time and should be reduced with metal.

# 6 – The # 6 representing metal, if it comes to the east or southeast would require earth to strengthen the metal. Otherwise, the 6 energy could indicate more power and authority if it was the annual cycle in your office.

# 7 – The # 7 also a metal can be left alone sometimes, but for the same reasons as the annual # 6, it may need to be enhanced with earth or reduced with water.

# 8 – The # 8 star can often be enhanced with fire to create more wealth and easier fertility.

# 9 – The only time an annual 9 representing fire might need to be enhanced is if it came to the north, which is water. Since water can put out a fire, the fire should be strengthened with wood. Otherwise problems could arise associated with the heart or eyes.



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