How to Be A Brilliant Survivor

Success comes from the matchless wisdom of cultivating a proper attitude towards others in our daily affairs and towards the whole circumstances of our life. The wise man (or woman) that is able to overcome all obstacles and make a success of living is one whose spontaneous attitude “resembles the three friends in winter” – these are the pine tree, the plum blossom and the bamboo.

“Like the pine tree, the sage hopes to achieve longevity. Like the plum blossom, he flowers in adversity. And like the bamboo, he bends to accommodate the prevailing winds of circumstance before springing back with effortless resilience.”

  1. The dignity of the pine tree - Fairness Brings Good Fortune

    The wise person stays calm, relaxed, unruffled by circumstances and works at being pleasantly accommodating irrespective of the weather or the nature of the situation. He or she strives never to take offence, but instead cultivates good humour and is rarely, if ever, overwhelmed either by small hiccups in life or by major adversity. This attitude is what attracts the matchless blessing of good health and long life. Such an approach resembles the upright pine tree, which stand erect and tall, regardless of the time of year. Pine tree, are perceived as being equally happy and amazingly evergreen throughout the year. In the sunshine of summer or the intense cold of winter the pine stands unperturbed. It is regarded as the first friend of winter.

  2. The wisdom of the plum blossom - Tranquillity Leads to Determination

    The wise person also cultivates the ability to bloom in the midst of misfortune, resembling the plum blossom, whose crimson petals gleam brilliantly against the white snows of winter. The plum blossom demonstrates beauty and serenity and is supremely unaffected by the chill of cold and dreary weather. This suggests a tranquility of mind that is said to lead to an attitude of forbearance, so that even in difficult times and circumstances the ability to survive, to perform and even to shine stays intact. The plum blossom is the second friend in winter.

  3. The endurance of the bamboo - Flexibility Means No Hostility

    The most important attitude for success, however, is the one that is characterized by the third friend in winter – the bamboo, which is soft and supple, yet at the same time strong and hardy. The bamboo is a friend because it is flexible, able to bend according to the prevailing winds, capable of adapting to circumstances and never hurt by adverse conditions. Far from being broken, the bamboo has the resilience to bounce back from bad times. This attitude leads to a flexible disposition, which introduces goodwill into every potential situation of conflict or hostility.

    The highest technique of survival strategy is always to win without fighting; this is because in every confrontation situation all sides stand to lose something. There can be little peace of mind or good health when one’s attitude is aggressive. Far better to be like the bamboo and adjust naturally to the wind of the moment, conserving your energy and waiting for a less hostile situation, before springing back from a position of strength.

    Implied in this morsel of wisdom is that it is better to ride with the flow and swim with the current than move against them. Energy is conserved when you do not battle against the tide. It is easier to go round a stone than bash your head against it and wiser to circumvent something than press on against insurmountable odds. The true hero is the one who looks for the line of least resistance. This does imply a surrender of your objective, or abandonment of your goals or principles – it is just that it is far wiser to preserve your energy and resources than try to fight an impossible war of adversary.

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