Personality and Destiny

There are three sources of energy affect human fortune: heaven luck (tien chai), mankind luck (ren chai), and earth luck (ti chai). All three forms of luck play a vital role in the expression of an individual's personality.

Heaven luck (tien chai) gives us our basic personality structure by "stamping" us with the prevailing energies present at the moment of our birth. It's the most important of the three because our heaven luck is all we have to work with - it's the "clay" we must mold to adapt and enhance our personalities to suit the demands life places on us. When we recognize a deficit in our "birth" personalities (our heaven luck), we work with our mankind luck (ren chai) to improve it, If we're familiar with practical feng shui, we can also work with earth luck (ti chai) to enhance our efforts.

Chinese astrology also recognizes the relative strengths or weakness of the five elements at each moment in time. These elements have a profound effect on the innate personality we are born with. For example, people born at a time when fire is particularly potent tend to be emotionally expressive; those born in a strongly earthlike period are apt to become excellent nurturers and caretakers.

Each person possesses at least some trace of each element in  his or her personality. The dominant element of an individual's birth year usually determines the primary characteristics of his or her personality, but the elements of one's birth month, day, and hour are also strong contributions.

The way each combination of elements manifests in an individual is a function of the strength or weakness of that element. People who are strongly wood, for example, may become too rigid and inflexible, like the "woody" stems of plants. With too little wood, a person seems to be "ungrounded", blown about by every passing breeze. When wood is balanced, an individual can stick firmly to his or her principles, while still giving appropriate consideration to other points of view. Fortunately, we can adapt our mankind luck (and assist our efforts by adapting our earth luck through feng shui) to balance any areas that are too strong or too weak.

Naturally, the unique combinations of these elements in our personalities predispose us to certain types of careers, lifestyles, and interests. They also mean that we're more likely to get along with people whose personality elements are compatible with ours; weak wood people generally find it easy to get along with water people because water supports wood. On the other hand, just as certain elements control or harm other elements, people with certain dominant personalities conflict with certain others. Wood people may feel very uncomfortable in the presence of "cutting" metal personalities.


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