Destiny - Heaven Luck

Ancient Chinese wisdom has it that we're each dealt a particular hand of luck at our births. Heaven Luck (Tien chai) or destiny is unchangeable - there's nothing we can do to alter the fate heaven deals us. Every era, every year, month, day and hour has its own energy or chi, according to a complex cycle, and the energy under which we're born leaves and indelible stamp on us. Some of us are born into dire poverty, others into abundance. Some suffer severe genetic defects from birth; others are born with robust health, which they enjoy for a lifetime with little effort. Heaven may be unequal in the quality of gifts it bestows, but it is utterly equal in the manner that it bestows them: Not one of us can change the circumstances of our birth.


We can, however, change our ability to deal with, and take advantage of, the hand we were dealt, by understanding our innate potentials that enable us to embark on the path that will lead to happier, richer and meaningful live instead of obstacles.

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