Bones Weighing: Readings 2.2 - 3.8


2.2 Down and Out
Downcast, chilling your bones, you hold a beggar's cup;
For you right now, things just aren't looking up.
2.3 The Drifter
Lost, abandoned, left alone;
You wander here and there - a rolling stone.
2.4 A Loser
Nothing achieved, deserted, nowhere to sleep;
You perish in old age with none to weep.
2.5 Outcast
Cast out, you strive to make your way;
And in old age, perhaps you may.
2.6 The Loner
Early in life you start your way alone;
With luck, you make the world your own.
2.7 On Your Own
No one will help, so do not ask;
Just set your shoulder to the task.
2.8 The Dreamer
A floating leaf, you drift and dream;
And find no harbour in the stream.
2.9 Late Bloomer
Before age 40, efforts end in tears;
Change your name and place for better years.
3.0 Trial and Error
You run to the East and run to the West;
Strive all your life with little rest.
3.1 Safe and Sure
You spend your youth in working hard;
So mid-life brings a just reward.
3.2 Better Times Ahead
You make your way by starting small;
And at your prime are standing tall.
3.3 Life Writ On Water
Your life like water runs downhill;
But in old age you drink your fill.
3.4 Cloistered
From earthly goals your soul refrains;
You look above for loftier gains.
3.5 Caution Advised
Beware sly partners, risky deals;
Caution rewards you, dig your heels.
3.6 Fortune's Child
Guardian angels keep you in their care;
Protecting those who do their share.
3.7 Tremors
Money comes and goes, it's nipped and tucked;
A few good years and then hard luck.
3.8 Limitations
In youth, not strong but better later.
From mid-30s, your powers are greater.

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