Patience - Don't Live Life Without It

The flustered man at the supermarket counter who couldn't stand still and grumbled loudly just because the next queue was moving faster ... the driver behind you who honked and made rude gestures at you when your car engine stopped at the green light ... the irritated daughter who yelled at her old mother who couldn't hurry up in the bathroom ... Don't you sometimes wonder why they get so worked up unnecessarily?

Yet most of us at one time or another, are guilty of being impatient ourselves. We rant or curse when the computer takes a few seconds longer to work than it should, when the bus is late a few minutes, when our children don't listen to us, when traffic is slow...

Impatience can cause a person to cut others off in mid-sentence; and to make what appear to be uninformed, quick judgments. It can also prompt you to snap at others in response to questions or requests.

Impatience can be a career stopper in the workplace. Impatient people are not considered to be good managers or leaders for a company.

While impatience is ugly, patience, on the other hand, is a beautiful word. If you have patience, you will have peace. If you have peace, you will have happiness. If you have happiness, you will have love. If you have love, you will give. And if you give, this world will be a much better place.

All because you have this simple virtue called patience.

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