Why Astrology?

... because we can have a say in our destiny.

Is our future predestined? Most of us who give a yes or no answer would readily accept that it is not conclusive either. The doubt or inconclusiveness arises because there is vagueness in the question. The word future in this context, in fact, holds more than one meaning. Here is a simple analogy.

Whether it will rain tomorrow has been destined by the current weather conditions, but whether we will get wet in the rain, when there is one, has not been destined.

The word future in the question encompasses two aspects. The luck element is predestined, while the outcome is not, especially when it is further away in time. We are individually governed by the pattern of our fortune, which is revealed by our date and time of birth, but what we turn out to be at the end of the day is dependent on more than the one factor called luck. It certainly implies that how much we can steer our own path in the future largely depends on how much we know about our path.

It is even more relevant today to have knowledge about our future because the world today is so vibrant, yet so intolerable of mistakes. Though ironic, it is to ancient wisdom that we can rely on for finding out what lies ahead.

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