The Five Basic Face Shapes

If you want to charm, impress or merely get on the right side of someone, make sure that you are conscious of your facial expressions when you are with them. The way we carry our face expresses our inner mind and heart, and if we wish to understand the essence of our inner nature, it is worth while making an effort to study and analyze our dominant facial expression.

According to the classical texts, our dominant facial expressions indicate the strength of yin or yang chi within us. We are seldom fully aware of how we carry our expressions - whether we show a yin or a yang face to the world. Since displaying yang chi to the world attracts so much good fortune this is something worth examining.

When the chi is positive it is said to be yang. Yang energy moves from great yang to bright yang to lesser yang. These three levels reveal the intensity and extent of positive essence in the hidden nature of an individual. Yang expressions manifest as smiling faces, but there are different types of yang smiles. The truly joyous expression reflects bright yang, which is well balanced. Lesser yang shows a reduced level of joy where some yin seems lo be creeping in. Great yang indicates an excess of joy indicating a touch of smugness.

Yin faces reflect negative, depressed, gloomy, bored or unhappy emotions so they manifest as sad and unsmiling expressions. Sometimes they can also manifest as a scowl with furrowed brows and sometimes they may appear as angry. A great yin expression is said to reflect the state of grief, while lesser yin indicates mild feelings of sadness or anger. Reducing yin symbolizes the input of some yang. Angry faces are described as yin turning yang.

Your temperament

If you wish to know how yin or yang your attitude is, look at your dominant expression. Yet in order to define your dominant or base temperament, you will need to look at the shape of your face.

There are five basic face shapes that offer clues to aspects of your personally and indicate careers in which are you most likely to find success. They are based on the element that rules your face.

WOOD ELEMENT FACES are long, oval or oblong shaped. Such people are usually optimistic and have a natural elegance. They thrive in environments where they can express themselves. They work well by themselves but are also good team players. When matched with yang expressions, wood element faces indicate people whose optimism turns into enthusiasm thereby propelling them into careers that allow them to take centre stage. They do well in the communicative industries. When wood element faces carry yin expressions, they tend to be more serious and conservative and their success will come from being the brains behind public figures.

FIRE ELEMENT FACES are triangular or heart shaped. People with fire element faces tend to have powerful but hidden ambitions. Those with bright yang expressions always look good, and they have the ability to charm and persuade others to their way of thinking. Fire element faces with yin expressions also do well, especially those with the lesser yin faces, who usually come across as equal mysterious and irresistible.

EARTH ELEMENT FACES have square face shapes that look full and stable and they emit an aura of stability and strength. Earth types have steady temperaments. Being private and usually successful within their sphere of work, they tend to project a detached disinterest in the rest of the world. Yet earth types pick up more than they will let on. They seldom lose their cool and always show the best side of themselves.

METAL ELEMENT FACES have round face shapes. If they are dominated by yin expressions, they project a perpetually depressed look. Smiles transform metal element faces into very attractive people whose expressions attract good luck. Temperamentally metal-faced people tend to be inflexible and others have to accommodate them. They do not socialize easily and are single-minded about their work, especially about wealth creation.

WATER ELEMENT FACES are curvy faces with high cheekbones and rounded, slightly protruding foreheads. Such faces indicate an extrovert who is slow to anger but quick with the repartee. They are usually witty and find success in the entertainment and communication industries. Smiles do not work as well for water faces as for the other elements.

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