It is true that everyone is born with a purpose. Everyone is born to fulfill a destiny. Assigning a preset destiny to each individual is the "Creator's" way of governing the world and managing people. Then, you may ask, why can't God assign a good destiny to everyone and make our life easier? Why do people have to suffer? The fact is, destiny is also governed by the divine law of cause and effect. That is to say, if you sow the seeds of benevolence by doing good things, you will reap the benefits. Remember that what you sow, you will reap. If you don't reap what you sow in this lifetime, you will get it in the next lifetime. For the reason, one should neither harbor harmful thoughts nor do harmful deeds. If you do, you will receive returns in some kind, sooner or later.

The Destiny concept can be best explained by comparing it to a computer. When a computer is manufactured, it is only a dumb machine. It cannot do anything until you install an operating system into it. The computer is like your body and the operating system is your thinking mind that has the processing power. After the operating system is installed, you can do a few basic things with your computer. You can do simple typing and calculations, that's about it. It is not very productive, isn't it?

To make you computer more productive, you need to install other applications. If you want to do reports, store records on database and do presentation slides, you will need to install the Office Suite. If you want to manipulate graphics, you need an application such as Adobe Photoshop. The good news is that the Creator pre-install the application for you. The pre-installation application is your Destiny. The Creator knows what you need to do; the Creator uses Destiny as a blueprint for your life so that you will be useful member of the society.

In the case of human beings, a person's destiny is preset when the baby takes its first breath. When a baby takes the first breath, his/her destiny is pre-set by the earth Qi at the moment of time. That's why fortune-tellers ask for your birthday before they can foretell your fortune. They want the birthday to determine the earth energy pattern at your birth time. Once the energy pattern is identified, then they will know what you are destined to do. Some fortune-tellers say a person's destiny can't be changed but we disagree. Yes, a birthday cannot be changed but one can change his/her destiny by taking control over it.

As a user of the computer, you decide what you want your computer to do. The manufacturers make things easier for you by pre-installing operating systems and certain commonly used applications. If you decide that the pre-installed programs are not good enough, you may take control of your computer and decide what other applications you need to install into the computer to complete the task you want to accomplish.

The sad thing is that many people are not computer literate; they do not know how to do the installation and they don't care to find out. So, for these people, theier destiny is the applications that God has pre-installed for them. The Creator is too busy handing billions of people and zillions of creatures. He has no time or intention to run your life. You are responsible for your own life and destiny, and if you don't take control of these, someone else will.

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