Selecting Careers Compatible With Your Destiny

Based on the Four Pillars (BaZi) of Destiny, the best method to choose a life’s jobs are to notice the elemental characteristics of various kinds of business. After that you can evaluate each potential career when it comes to its viability for your own elemental make-up, your talents and weak points.

Frequently, the dominant element of your birth chart naturally draws you to definitely career fields which target the element. But this isn't always the situation. Should you not see yourself precisely in your birth day element, you may identify more strongly and among the element in your other three pillars. Within this event, pick the fields which involve the element you'll need most to balance your chart. Concentrate on your weak element, and will also bring good balance to your life.

Let’s consider the five fundamental elemental personalities and also the careers that they’re suitable. Instead of seeking work within an element in which you’re strong, you need to seek work connected by having an element in which you’re weak, to supply balance.

Fire: Fire individuals are lively and emotive. An individual who is weak in fire may benefit from fire-related careers, for example film-making, fashion, promotions, electronics or electrical engineering or equipment, radiation specialist, laser industries, air conditioning and heating, chefs, commercial arts, advertising, and fuel production.

Earth: Earth individuals are natural caretakers. Individuals weak in earth is going to do well such earthly fields as medicine, food service, animal farming, earthen household items, civil engineering, building management, building construction and real estate.

Water: The selection of water-related careers is dependent largely on whether the kind of water you’re missing in still or moving. Still water, due to its smart, reflective character, may be the component of instructors, professors, scientists, students and mystics. Flowing water, using its link with networking and communications, constitutes a good complement the majority of the healthcare professions. Any profession that consists of some kind of “flow” may prove satisfying for individuals who require moving water: communications, transportation, teaching and tourism.


Metal: People who require more metal would prosper in science, technology, banking, finance, blacksmithing, welding, automobile manufacture, mechanical engineering, making metal jewelry or furniture, I.T.

Wood: Since wood related naturally to growth, people who require wood may benefit from such wood fields as teaching, gardening, law, religion, politics and literature. Additionally they prosper in fields which use wood or plant materials: lumber, furniture, textiles, and paper items.



Used the Four Pillars (BaZi) calculator below to determine your Birth Day element and to identify your stong and weak elements.



The twelve Earthly Branches (Animal Zodiacs) and its associations with the Five Elements are shown in the Table below:-


Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Goat Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
+Water -Earth +Wood -Wood +Earth -Fire +Fire -Earth +Metal -Metal +Earth -Water



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