Bones Weighing: Readings 5.6 - 7.1


5.6 Wisdom
You taste experiences of every kind;
To stretch the range of your amazing mind.
5.7 Forever Spring
All is abundance - like the earth in bloom;
Take what life brings- and give good fortune room.
5.8 Born to Fame
Long life, good fortune and your name in lights-
These come to you as natural rights.
5.9 A Charmed Life
You arise from the sea on the cockle shell;
Greatly achieve, go far and, yes, do well.
6.0 Wealth and Honour
Good fortune follows learning. The Fates
Promise wealth, honours, holdings of vast estates.
6.1 High Repute
You are destined to achieve an honoured place;
Wealth, fame are yours. All people know your face.
6.2 Acclaim
Your academic feats will help you rise;
To high position - wonderful and wise!
6.3 Make History
Some rare achievement gives such fame;
That future generations speak your name.
6.4 Authority
With such a commanding role, one can assume;
There're jade and gold in the storage room.
6.5 Warrior and Poet
True greatness comes to one whose destiny;
Is winning wars and writing poetry.
6.6 Gold Mountain and Jade Garden
A life shaped by Fortune - beauty and wealth surround;
One in whom heavenly virtues so abound.
6.7 Peace and Prosperity
Superior fortune - good family, wealth and peace;
Prosperity can only show increase.
6.8 Bamboo Fortune
Here Fate drifts like a little boat-
Ten years in backwater, ten years afloat.
6.9 Fortune's Star
Blessed by Heaven, Good fortune, pleasures fall
About you - famous, rich, honoured by one and all.
7.0 The Palace
Velvet hangings, golden halls - what odds
Make one the darling of the gods?
7.1 Emperor
Wealth, power, honours - I AM THE KING!
All I possess is EVERYTHING?

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