Bones Weighing: Readings 3.9 - 5.5


3.9 Empty Hands
Struggle you may, nothing goes quite right;
Life's an empty dream, no goal in sight.
4.0 Decisive
You pass hard tests and make your way;
In the end, tough-mindedness will pay
4.1 An Interesting Life
In nonconforming youth things come and go;
But after mid-life you are with the flow.
4.2 Don't Worry
What matter if your work seems tame;
Later comes money and with it, fame.
4.3 The Good Life
Let others think you are softy;
In middle years your place is lofty.
4.4 Easy Does It
Don't press too hard to win the race;
Success is destined - at its own pace.
4.5 Impatient
Peace and pleasure - where are they hiding?
Seek support with hope abiding.
4.6 Escapist
All your life you're on the run;
Seeking a warm spot in the sun.
4.7 Milk and Honey
Good life, good sons will keep you going;
Money comes like water flowing.
4.8 Disappointment
Unless you will try hard while young;
Your aimless life will pass unsung.
4.9 Helping Hands
Whatever you build will nicely grow;
Fortunate friends help make it so.
5.0 Ego Problem
In youth, self-centred, you find much stress;
Older and wiser, you achieve success.
5.1 Enjoy
Once you determine your lifestyle;
Fortune greets you with a smile.
5.2 Contentment
You are one that luck is pleased to meet;
So pick a spot on Easy Street.
5.3 Join the Millionaire's Club
You have pockets lined with gold;
Money seeks you, young or old.
5.4 Wealthy and Wise
Fine home, fine food, fine clothes - the right;
Of one who's steady, honest, bright.
5.5 High Honours
You may start slow, with little money;
Then Fortune strikes - and all is sunny.

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