The Art of Astrology

Astrologers analyze cycles of time. They study the position and movements of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in association with the consistency of human characteristics and the occurrence of human events on earth. Based on the position of the heavenly bodies at any given point of time, astrologers can then "map" our fate. In China, the imperial court relied on a stable of learned astrologers to map out the most auspicious and inauspicious time to do just about everything, including the signing of documents, the construction of buildings, travel, military excursions, and marriage.

Astrology is considered an art because its predictions are based on supposition. While an astrologer can forecast our fate, the conclusions cannot be scientifically proven. Astrology requires us to believe in a force of destiny predetermined by the cosmos. This is not to say that destiny replaces free will. Astrological calculations can foretell only possibilities.

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