The Annual Flying Star and Its Influences

Each year the annual cycles shift around February 5th, and in each directional area in your house has a flying star residing in that area. These flying stars are # 1 to 9 which represents the kind of energy, and will trigger or suppress the more permanent energies in that same location. By understanding the nature or potential of that one yearly flying star influence, you will be able to apply remedy to each area of your house. Hence improving your life considerably.

Meaning of the Annual Flying Stars

# 1 – Power, abundance, prosperity. The # 1 annual star is become more positive now and this will last until 2064.

# 2 – Loneliness, bleeding, accident, miscarriage, separation, abdominal ailments. The # 2 annual star has been negative for a long time, but it will turn a corner in 2024 and start to become more positive.

# 3 – Arguments, gossip, robbery, legal conflicts. For most people the # 3 annual star can easily manifest as arguments. When this star combines with more serious permanent energies, there is a possibility for robbery, legal problems or struck by lightning.

# 4 – Sexual attraction, sexual scandal, creativity, public recognition, academic achievement. The # 4 annual star has a dual personality, it starts as creative energy that can help a person in acting and creative field advances in their career, but it can also create infidelity problem.

# 5 – Potential accidents, delay, arguments and illness. Between 1944 and 1963, this construction age are governed by the # 5 star/energy. During that time, the # 5 star had only positive connotations, but those positive influences will not return until the year 2124.

# 6 – Power and authority. It is also a money number, but not as strong as 8. The # 6 annual star will react differently depending on what directional area it is in during a particular year. If the # 6 annual star reside in the south in a certain year, the inherent fire nature of south would tend to dominate the 6-metal which could bring bad luck to the south. But when # 6 annual star in the north, a water direction, it could be generally more harmonious since metal strengthens water.

# 7 – A fighting spirit and ultimate victory. It can also indicate betrayal, cheating, robbery and violent assault.

# 8 – The best money star that will affect people most if it comes to locations such as the front door, office or bedroom. The # 8 star/energy will be strengthen when it comes to the directional south area in a certain year.

# 9 – Increased intensity in whatever is the inherent energy. The # 9 annual star will enhances both the good and the bad.

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