First Steps Applying Feng Shui to Your Home

Houses with good feng shui have a calm, balance, uplifting chi, which both soothes and energizes. Chi circulates freely and serenely throughout the house. Good chi flow promotes vibrant health and a positive mental attitude, and invites opportunity and good fortune. As you begin to perform feng shui on your home, work on one room at a time. Take note of its prevailing energy patterns. How does the room make you feel? Is it inviting, calming, and invigorating, or jarring, stagnant, or unsettling?

Strive for a balance of energies in each room. Make its purpose clear. Don’t follow fads and fashions; doing so creates stress and tension, and has you decorating you home for the wrong reasons. Instead, decorate to allow for creative expression: yours, and that of all members of your household. This is what truly makes a house into a home.

Give yourself time to think about each room and the potential remedies for it. Give your ideas time to “ripen”, because even though there’s an intuitive side of feng shui, it isn’t productive to act impulsively on something that can have such a profound effect on your future.

Before you begin to rearrange furniture, knock down walls, or redecorate, do the following in each area of your home, as needed:

Clean: Dust and grime is depressing to the spirit and causes chi to stagnate. It’s also difficult to form any realistic impression of the state of your home when it’s dirty. A vigorous cleaning is often more effective than any feng shui remedy. It’s a necessary first step if your feng shui efforts are going to be successful.

De-clutter: In order to clear the way for new energies and opportunities, you need to get rid of clutter. Lao Tsu said, in so many words, that everything you own should serve you; otherwise, you’re serving it. The state of your surroundings represents the state of your body, heart, and mind. Make your outside world look the way your inner world should – and start by eliminating the dead weight,

Repair: It’s imperative that your environment be in good working order. Next dirt and clutter, disrepair is one of the worst “downers”, emotionally and spiritually. Feng shui urges us to fix clogged and leaky drains lest they interfere with the flow of chi, repair stuck or creaking doors so that good chi can enter and bad chi can be thwarted, replace broken light fixtures, and repair any visible signs of malfunction throughout your homes.


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