The Rise of Taiwan And Hong Kong

Feng Shui has now crossed the waters to other countries of the world and especially to places to which Chinese who fled the motherland have migrated. Today there are more than sixty million Chinese who live outside China, and many of them subscribe strongly to the influence of feng shui on their living conditions.

In fact many feng shui masters followed the Kuomintang General Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan, taking with them precious texts and invaluable feng shui Luo Pans, or compasses, which contained the trade secrets of many old masters. The ruling elite and entrepreneurs of Taiwan thus benefited hugely from excellent feng shui knowledge. It is no coincidence that both Taiwan and the Kuomintang flourished during those middle years of the twentieth century. And Taiwan continues to be one of the richest and successful countries in the world.

Feng shui also took root in Hong Kong, to which numerous southern refugees moved and where they built new homes. Many of the wealthier immigrants brought with them the feng shui knowledge of the forefathers and, like other counterparts in Taiwan, used the feng shui to great advantage in their new home (at the time under British colonial rule).

Today Taiwan and Hong Kong are widely acknowledged to be economic success stories. There are many who attribute their success  to the almost universal application of feng shui guidelines. Feng shui techniques concerning spatial arrangement were applied not only in places of residence but also in offices, workplaces, factories and commercial developments.

At first only the surrounding environments were diagnosed to ensure auspicious orientations. Building exteriors were oriented to capture the protection of hills and feed from the symbolic wealth of the waters of the harbour. Roads were built in accordance with dragon/tiger symbolism and the classical tenets were carefully followed. But as the cities grew and modern building mushroomed, urban living took over and feng shui guidelines began to penetrate right to the interiors of buildings and into peoples' homes. Soon, whole new interpretations of the old tenets began to surface, which were adapted to modern living conditions.

Master practitioners studied their inherited Luo Pan to try to discover answers to deal with the new surroundings. Novels interpretations of all the old symbols began to take root in the psyche of modern living. Masters also deliberated on secret compass formulas and began to incorporate them into modern environments, in the process experimenting with methods of dealing with feng shui obstacles caused by man-made buildings. Many of these formulas, which had been so jealously guarded in the past, are now beginning to see the light of day.

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