Feng Shui and Earth Magic

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese practice of living in a state of balance with the physical environment in order to benefit from the surrounding energy and enjoy good fortune. In the many manifestation of its potency, feng shui is akin to Chinese earth magic.

Feng shui has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. In recent times, this ancient practice has experienced a world-wide resurgence of interest - a renewal akin to a renaissance of all the techniques that have been developed over the centuries concerning how to live in balance with the earth's forces. The practice of feng shui directly addresses the quality of the surrounding energies that permeate the atmosphere, and feng shui masters derive their knowledge and living wisdom from the landscapes of the environment.

These ancient masters analyze the interactive effects of orientations to discover correlation between the mysterious metaphysical energies of the earth and man's fortunes. They study how living with positive energy brings good fortune, while living with negative energy causes illness, accidents and misfortune.

Such masters have gained impetus in their investigations from the very air that we inhabit - invisible, yet powerful throughout the living spaces that make up the environment. They refer to these invisible intangible forces as chi or, more colorfully, the "celestial dragon's cosmic breath". When this breath is benevolent, it bring auspicious good fortune to all who breathe it; when it is destructive, it causes misfortunes to befall all who come into contact with it. The masters term this negative energy the "killing breath".

When homes are located, orientated or arranged in a way that taps into huge amount of benevolent chi, then this cosmic breath will bring good fortune. A home that is bathed in good chi benefits every member of the family.

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