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100+ ways of self development with Chinese Metaphysical Philosophy and practice.

Chinese Metaphysics is a vast, ancient and complex philosophy worthy of a life-time of study, but you need not become a metaphysics master to enjoy its benefits.

the cosmic trinityThe Chinese believe that we are influenced by three types of cosmic luck - heaven, earth and mankind luck. These represent the sum total of the metaphysical influences that determine the quality of our life. First there is luck which comes from heaven (tien chai); secondly there is luck which comes from the earth (ti chai) and thirdly the luck which we create for ourselves (ren chai).

Heaven Luck - Destiny / Astrology

Heaven luck is destiny and determines the circumstances of our birth. One can change his/her destiny by taking control over it.

Earth Luck - Feng Shui

Earth luck is feng shui - the science that offers guidelines on the way we sleep, eat, sit and work, making certain we live in harmonious interface with the landscape and our environment. Feng shui offers specific ways of tapping into the energy lines of the earth, which the Chinese refer to as the dragon's cosmic breath or chi. Harness this good chi, and according to feng shui you are tapping into the luck of the earth. So we have control over earth luck.

Mankind Luck - Human Actions

Mankind luck is what we create for ourselves through our attitudes, our minds, and the nobility of our actions.

The resources of this site make this wisdom accessible to you so that life will flow most fortunately for you.

Happy browsing and all the way to fulfillment!


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